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Learner Yvonne & teacher Maureen
The Learners are so supportive of each other.

Teacher Elaine listens to Learner Yvonne as she reads her work out loud.

Field trip to the Snotty Nose Rez Kids concert!  Elders with their grandchildren and volunteer helpers.


Christmas Party 2021!  Learners (l-r) Florence, Joanne and Laverne

Board Members:  Elder Yvonne Rigsby Jones and Mary Desprez.

Learners Louisa and Laverne love to get festive!

The design for The Literacy Circle logo is from this beautiful drum.  Raven artwork created by Bettina Lewis.

Louisa is sharing the American Sign Language sign for “I love you”.  Sitting with Louisa is Navigator Kathy.  Festive Christmas outfits ladies!

Opening presents at the 2022 Christmas Party!

Summertime field trip to Butchart Gardens with our volunteer wheelchair pushers.  Super fun day!

Thank you to Ooleesia Manomie, Mary Desprez, Doug Savory and Caitlin Croteau for the photos.